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Certified Translator

Based in Buenos Aires, translating medicine

and pharmaceutical content since 2000.

About my work

Medicine and pharmaceuticals account for almost all my work. My clients are mostly national and international pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations (CROs) and translation agencies specialized in medicine and pharmaceuticals.

• Clinical research protocols & Informed consent forms

• Package inserts

• Drug brochures - Investigator's brochures

• Patient instructions - Scientific papers

• Quality of life questionnaires - Documents for regulatory authorities

• Ethics Committee correspondence - Drug data sheets, and many others.



Medical Director

at Merck Sharp and Dhome

María Fernanda, ha trabajado en traducciones científicas para las distintas compañías en las que he trabajado durante los últimos 7 años. En cada uno de sus trabajos María Fernanda, ha entregado trabajos de buena calidad, en el tiempo estipulado o incluso anticipadamente. María Fernanda trabaja con profesionalismo, respeto y calidad. Es altamente recomendable poder trabajar con un profesional de sus características, y tener la confianza acerca del producto final a recibir.

Associate Director

at Medpace

María Fernanda es una excelente traductora. 
He estado en contacto con ella y contado con sus servicios en las diferentes CROs en las que he trabajado en los últimos 10 años, y puedo asegurar que es un placer trabajar con ella y su equipo.
Sus traducciones son de una calidad impecable, y cabe destacar el compromiso y profesionalidad con que ha cumplido siempre con sus plazos de entrega.

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The translation process


First translation

Finally, I read the translation directly, as if I were the document recipient, to make sure the text reads natural and that the layout looks nice.


I perform the initial conversion of the text into the target language.


Revision of content

I check the translation carefully, comparing each sentence against the source text to avoid any omissions or substantial errors.



How much does a translation cost?

The estimated cost of a translation can be usually calculated based on the number of words of the source document; however, I take into account the complexity of the document content and format. For example, if the document is uneditable, my services will probably be more expensive.

What about confidentiality?

In this industry all documents are confidential. I am used to signing confidentiality agreements for my clients. My professional signature is supported by the Translators Association of Buenos Aires, in which I am registered as a translation professional.

How long will it take to finish the translation?

As a reference, it takes me about one working day per 2,000 to 2,500 words to complete a translation. Once we agree on a deadline, I will always respect it.



About Fernanda Pignataro

Certified English to Spanish translator

With 15+ years of experience in the medical sector, plus a certification from the Sworn Translators Association of Buenos Aires, I provide accurate, reliable translations for all my clients in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry: CROs, national and international laboratories. 

In the medical and pharmaceutical field, even a slight mistranslation may result in health and/or legal consequences, which is frequently overlooked. It is essential to understand the content of the document for translation and this is something I am totally prepared and qualified to offer. With every translation project I receive, my business is to make you happy with the results and I always put my heart into it. 



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